Services Overview

Informational Website Creation

Informational websites provide background information and news about your organization, service or profession. The website provides visitors the information they need to know to make an informed decision about your business and all that you have to offer. Typically no sales or commerce is conducted on the site, however leads for new business are generated from the information provided about your business practices.

Starting Design Cost for a 5-Page Website: $650.00*
Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is a service we offer to clients who have a website and need changes made or additional information added. Our clients can contact with Wojo's Designs to maintain a current website or purchase this service for a site that we have built for them. Depending on the type of service agreement our clients can have basic information updated continually or more complex changes.

Starting Hourly Rate for Website Maintenance: $70.00*
e-Commerce Website Creation

An eCommerce website is designed for the purpose of conducting sales of products, services, digital goods and more. Website provides visitors with basic information about your company, business or organization while mainly handling sales and transactions of your goods or services.

A variety of eCommerce shopping carts are available to handle the sales including Zen Cart, OsCommerce, etc. The specific shopping cart service used is dependent upon the features you need to conduct sales for your business. We will help you find the best fitting eCommerce framework for your needs.

Starting Design Cost for an eCommerce Website: $700.00*

Additional Services

  • Layout Design
  • Website Design
  • Logo Design
  • Graphics
  • Interface
  • Illustration
  • Advertising
  • Code Optimization
  • Consulting
  • Flash Animation Design
  • Icon Design
  • database designing
  • Website Design
  • web development & seo

The Design Partnership

Web design is a partnership

Building a website for your organization or business is one of the most important steps to building your brand in the marketplace. It provides an effective and efficient way for you to advertise your business to the public. Whether you are advertising locally or globally, your website can give visitors the first glimpse of what you have to offer. Let us build you an economical but professional website to give your visitors a lasting impression. We specialize in non-profit, small businesses and government clients.

Because each and every web design project is unique, we no do not set firm pricing. The specific needs for your website project will vary based upon the type of website you need to establish your presence. The services listed above are just but a few of what we offer. Please contact us for your special needs.

* Price will vary based upon specific needs such as logo, graphics, text and pictures provided for building of your website. Please request a FREE No Obligation Quote to determine the cost for your specific project.